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When we originally designed SocialX…we not only wanted to enable you to analyze your performance but also share with you how to perform better!

It’s no secret that Facebook is now the HOTTEST destination for cheap, highly targeted traffic. So how come everyone marketing on Facebook isn’t made of money?

Most Softwares Lack The Ingredients Needed
To Make Money With Facebook…

Facebook is GREAT for traffic, there’s no denying it! But it doesn’t have all the ingredients that spell the recipe for a mother lode of success!

I mean sure you can gloat about the number of people who ‘like’ you, but a bunch of blue thumbs ups don’t really translate into sales…do they?

Facebook does NOTHING for your business! Absolute zilch!

Yes it gives you visibility in the largest engagement platform in the world… but there lies the catch… you are only one of many! And Facebook isn’t offering anything extra to help you stand out…

No features to boost opt-ins and sales...like payment buttons,
countdown timers, video sales letters, etc…

So you can see your potential buyers, but they’re just out of reach!

Because they’re swarming around like headless chicken waiting for the right venture to invest in!

It’s like having a bank account with a million dollars in it but not knowing your ‘security pin code’!

But then it is no secret that some marketers out there have ‘the code’ and are raking in the green stuff on Facebook.

You see, when you find the RIGHT tool, you can leverage on Facebook’s free viral traffic to turn a regular Fan-Page into a profit-sucking cash machine...

How’d you like to decipher the code to unleash Facebook’s full money-churning virtue… with the only agent specifically designed to monetize Fan-pages?



Your Passport To Easy Creation Of The Most
Alluring And Powerful Fanpages

With Social X Profit Builder not only you will get the simplest and easiest way to build a dynamic fanpage that’s going to stand out, but you also get 30 amazing DFY templates to build Unlimited Tabs on an Unlimited Number of Facebook Fan Pages, Whether you build Fan Pages for yourself or if you do it for Clients, you are going to want this upgrade!

With our Easy to Use Drag ‘N Drop Fan Page Builder you can churn out Tabs for Your Facebook Fan Pages in record time and it is so Simple to Use ANYONE can Create Professional looking Fan Pages in no time at all.

The next step is to get them to convert!

That’s no simple feat!

There’s no cut and dried strategy to follow to do this, but there’s one golden rule to marketing: Information build trust! The purpose of Tabs is to show a variety of information and further inform your audience of what your business has to offer.

So here’s how you can use Facebook tabs:





And all this in conjunction with the most Dynamic Drag ‘N Drop Page Builder you will ever see!

So with Social X Profit Builder, you’re getting:

The easiest and most professional
FanPage builder

30 DFY templates to
change your looks

Tab customization option to inform your audience better about yourself

Opt Ins to trigger the rapid
conversion process

All these power packed features
packaged at an unbeatable prices

SocialX - Tab Builder (Monthly)
SocialX - Tab Builder (Yearly)

This app is so powerful and feature Rich, You can build
a Complete Business with this RIGHT NOW!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

We believe in our work and in our strong commitment to Customer Service. Just like Social X we give you are Guarantee of Excellence and Dedication to Service with our 30 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. We believe in the software we create. You need to believe in them and us. This is our Pledge to You!

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